Wild Ride 4

2008-10-18 09:52:10 by pwanchi

We are trying out a new style of animation this time around (well... same style, But working alot with shading, coloured lines instead of black ones =o ) and trying to fix the syncing problem.

Pics? Here's an unfinished one.

Wild Ride 4

Pwanchi Halloween

2008-10-05 04:13:01 by pwanchi

Its out now, Again, grab your popcorn and have fun!

Splinter Cell

2008-10-04 00:38:00 by pwanchi

Its uploaded so grab your microwave popcorn and get ready for The Golden Apple.

New Splinter Cell Flash

2008-10-03 22:25:57 by pwanchi

The sequel to Splinter Cell: TSC will be up in around 2 (yes 2!) hours...

That is all.

New Splinter Cell Flash

Splinter Cell 2 voices

2008-09-24 21:59:10 by pwanchi

Pwanchi Productions needs yet more voices for Splinter Cell series. We would like to replace Sam Fisher and Lambert.

Send me a PM if interested in voice one of them and I'll give you some aud lines.

Voice of Shadow Link and Others

2008-08-29 06:02:44 by pwanchi

Pwanchi Productions needs a voice for Shadow Link & Eggman for upcoming flashes. They both don't have many lines =)

Send me a PM if your interested and I'll give you the aud lines =)

Wild Ride 3

2008-08-18 08:25:33 by pwanchi

It's in the works, we've just started yesterday and its looking better than ever. Expect it to hit Newgrouds around September 1st-ish (wewt I made up a word)

Just some Stuff to make my page look like it was worked on

2008-04-22 09:33:40 by pwanchi

Well, I'm Logan Webster. Possibly the best voice acting role I will ever do is the voice of Riku in the upcoming game Super Smash Flash 2. Please don't ask about it because as a voice actor I know nothing about the progress of the game, all I know is Riku says "HA! HIYA! UGH!" and other various sound effects :p

Other Submissions I have voiced in: (Will be updated when a new flash is submitted)

Zelda: Wild Ride 1
Zelda: Wild Ride 2